Fortnite Explosive Repeater Rifle Location

A new weapon has just been added to Fortnite. The weapon in question is none other than the Explosive Repeater Rifle. Very aptly named, this rifle has a very noticable advantage when it comes to its combat capabilities. Namely, the fact that its shots trigger a small AoE explosion. What this means is that you don’t necessarily need to hit the target you are aiming for in order to cause some damage. This makes it a perfect choice for high-octane shootouts where you don’t need to worry so much about accuracy. All in all, this is a very worthwhile addition to the game, one which players are sure to appreciate and make full use of in very interesting ways. Of course, before you can use this new weapon, you need to actually find it first. To help you with this, we have the Fortnite Explosive Repeater Rifle Location right here.

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Fortnite Explosive Repeater Rifle Location
Fortnite Explosive Repeater Rifle Location

Where to Find Explosive Repeater Rifle in Fortnite

The Explosive Repeater Rifle can be obtained in one of several ways in Fortnite. You can find this weapon on the ground, or loot it from Regular Chests, Rare Chests, and Holo-Chests. There is also the option of buying it for Bars from Nia. So as you can see, there is always a way to get one in the game. It has been added to Fortnite with the v25.11 update, so make sure that you have successfully updated the game before you go looking for it.

As you will see, the Explosive Repeater Rifle is definitely worth it. Having it is going to open up a whole bunch of new strategies and worthwhile uses. Of course, it’s far too early to tell, but something as useful as the Explosive Repeater Rifle has the potential to become another breakout classic new Fortnite weapon.

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