Fortnite BR Fatal Fields Chest Locations

Search chests in Fatal Fields is one of the week 10 challenges in Fortnite BR. If you want to finish one of the last tasks from the season 3 battlepass, you’ll have to loot seven chests in this area, which is located in the south of the map. If you’ve ever been to Anarchy Acres, the situation is pretty similar – some barns, a big house, a bunch of small sheds. If you’re having trouble finding them, keep reading our Fortnite BR Fatal Fields chest locations guide.

Search chests in Fatal Fields

The first chest is in the quarry in the northwest of the area. It’s on a ledge on the western side of the quarry. It’s an easy one to snatch – you can see whether it’s there before you’ve landed. If not, you can refocus on another.

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The second one is in the small shed in the field to the east of the quarry. It’s the longer one, right next to the road. You’ll find one more in the brook on the northern edge of the area. It’s in the small cave where the stream goes underground.

There are two chests in the gray barn in the north of the farm. If you enter from the east, turn right through the first door and look one behind the hay. The other one is on the western side, but it’s in the improvised attic. You can either build a ramp to reach it, or break through the roof.

Another chest can be found in the tractor shed in the field in the northeast. It’s behind the hay. Yet another is in the small wooded area in the southwest.

If you’re visiting the southern part of the area, you can try landing west of the silos. There’s a small shed-like covered area there, directly south from the house. Even if you don’t hear the sound as you approach, make sure you check behind the hay bales.

Now it’s time to ransack the house in the middle of the farm. If you’re landing, you can drop on the lower part of the roof, on the west side of the building, and break through it. If you’re inside, just go to the second floor bathroom and break through the western wall.

There’s another one in the house, and it’s all the way up, in the attic. If you’re yet to land, just drop anywhere and destrony the roof. If not, you can use the stairs to get up there on foot.

There’s one in the silo. There’s always one in the silo. Another one can be found in the attic of the small barn next to the giant, red one. You’ll either have to build or land on the roof to get this one.

The other wooded area, the one in the east (the one you haven’t already looted) is home to yet another chest. The final chest is on the top floor of the red barn. There are stairs leading up there, but you can also blow a hole in the roof.

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