Follow the Treasure Map Found in Snobby Shores - Fortnite BR Challenge

Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores is a week five, season five, Fortnite Battle Royale challenge. Although this is considered to be a hard challenge by the game (and rewards 10 battlestars), it is usually the easiest one to do for the players. The game might consider it to be hard because you should go to two places to finish it. First, you need to go and find the treasure map, this time in Snobby Shores. Afterwards you should go to the location the treasure map points to. However, most players know that they do not need to go to the treasure map first and can just go to the final destination for easy 10 battlestar points. This is why we have the guide so you can just go to the location of the star.

Fortnite Follow the Treasure Map Found in Snobby Shores Challenge
Follow the Treasure Map Found in Snobby Shores – Fortnite BR Challenge

Snobby Shores Treasure Map Battle Star Location

Those that have been playing Fortnite for a while should remember that this is not the first time we’ve had a treasure map in Snobby Shores. There was one during the last season, on week three. The Snobby Shores treasure map clue in this case, was found near the empty pool, close to the possible golden chest spawn location, just behind a small bar. On this occasion, the battle star location was found just east from the Snobby Shores, between two tall mountains, with the stunt mountain on the east. This is not the case in season 5.

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The season five, week five, Snobby Shores treasure map sends us on a different path, toward the northwestern part of the map. Battle star location is inside Haunted Hills, an old graveyard found just south from Junk Junction. This is clear from looking at the treasure map image. Haunted hills is a unique location, with distinct building shapes, like the main church, several graveyard tombs, the fence, crypts and more. Our goal, that is marked on the treasure map, is a small crypt just north from the main church (left on the treasure map).

Keep in mind that the battle star shows up only when you get really close to it. Considering that this will be a hot zone, full of players trying to complete both “Follow the Treasure Map Found in Snobby Shores” challenge, and the “Search Chests in Junk Junction” one, you might want to not stress too much, if you don’t complete it in one go.

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