Fortnite update 13.40 PATCH NOTES, leaks, new cosmetics, challenges week 8,9

Fortnite update 13.40 – the Joy Ride update has officially begun at 4 AM ET (08:00 UTC). We still don’t know when downtime ends and services are back up, but you can found some interesting information in the latest patch notes and also some leaked info that we found on twitter.

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Joy Ride update leaked information

  1. Car spawn rate is 35%
  2. Truck spawn rate is 35%
  3. Taxi spawn rate is 35%

Unofficial 13.40 Patch Notes

  1. The Dummy skin, Noggin Pickaxe, and Crash Test Wrap have been added to the Item Shop.
  2. You can play music while driving: Party Royale, Radio Yonder, Beat Box, Power Play
  3. Chauffeur Punchard has been added – Meters driven with passengers (1,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000)

Fortnite update 13.40 patch notes

  1. Mouse cursor appearing on PC when playing with controller.
  2. When playing on PC with a controller, players’ mouse cursor may appear after they perform certain actions. This can cause issues with gameplay.
  3. Water Balloon Toy temporarily disabled.
  4. Due to an issue, the Water Balloon Toy is temporarily disabled.
  5. Slow Glider speed after redeploying in certain situations.
  6. We’re investigating an issue where players may move slower after Glider redeploying in certain situations.
  7. XP bar can be visually incorrect while in a match. / Incorrect levelling-up.
  8. We’re aware of an issue that can sometimes occur involving the XP bar being visually incorrect in a match. This can cause players to appear to level up during the match even if they really didn’t. In these instances, please reference the XP bar in the Lobby for an accurate display.
  9. Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug unable to be picked up while recharging if dropped by another player.
  10. Players may be unable to pick up Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug while it’s recharging if it was dropped by another player. In this situation, they’ll get the “Backpack Full!” message even if they have an open inventory slot.
  11. Deal damage within 10s of landing from the Whirlpool at Hydro 16 should say “at The Yacht” instead.
  12. The Week 1 Challenge “Deal damage within 10s of landing from the Whirlpool at Hydro 16” should instead say: “Deal damage within 10s of landing from the Whirlpool at The Yacht”
  13. Land at Frenzy Farm/The Yacht and finish Top 25 not counting in Duos/Squads.
  14. Challenges to “Land at Frenzy Farm and finish Top 25” and “Land at The Yacht and finish Top 25” may not count if you’re playing in Duos or Squads.
  15. We’re are investigating an issue where the Edit Reset button is not available in the mobile Hud Layout’s Tool Box. The Edit reset button is also not correctly displaying in combat while playing.
  16. Elimination feed may not appear on the HUD.
  17. We’re investigating an issue that may cause the players elimination feed during the match to not appear.
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