Fortnite Friend Request Not Working, Can't Add or Accept Friends Fix

In our Fortnite Friend Request Not Working, Can’t Add or Accept Friends Fix guide, we are going to give you a handful of solutions for this problem. This error can pop up for a number of reasons and the fixes differ to some degree depending on the cause. We have a lot to get into, so let’s begin.

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fortnite friend request not working cant add or accept friends fix
Fortnite Friend Request Not Working, Can’t Add or Accept Friends Fix

Fortnite Friend Request Not Working, Can’t Accept or Add Friends Solutions

There are several potential solutions for your Fortnite friend request feature not working, where you can’t accept or add friends. According to the official page, you might have over five hundred friends already, or have five hundred pending outgoing requests, or you’re trying to add someone who’s already sent a request to you. This is easy to fix. Just go to your Friend list after signing into your Epic account. From there, just delete superfluous outgoing requests and/or prune the amount of friends you already have.

The second potential problem is that your privacy settings or parental control settings are blocking you from accepting or adding friends. That’s a fairly common reason, turns out. Check your privacy settings and make sure that you’ve enabled every option that has something to do with friend requests. The next step to fix the problem with your Fortnite friend request feature is not working is to check the parental control settings. Find the “Require PIN to Add Epic friends” option and disable it. Of course, if you’re a parent and want to keep this on for your kid, that’s fine. Just be aware that it can cause these problems.

Last, but not least, don’t forget that your platform can also have privacy settings that might be getting in the way. PlayStation, Xbox and the Switch all have options that, if enabled, stop you from getting or sending friend requests in games. Make sure that you check those settings and enable / disable whatever is necessary.

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