How to Get Blizzabelle on Console, PC Fortnite

The Winterfest is underway in Fortnite, just in time for the winter holiday season. To celebrate, Epic Games are introducing many special holiday and winter-themed items, quests, and cosmetics. One of these cosmetics is the Blizzabelle outfit. This outfit features a lovely blue and white top adorned with snowflakes and Fortnite Llamas, along with a white miniskirt and similarly designed blue and white high socks. It’s really a perfect winter look. You’re probably wondering what you need to do in order to get it. Well, our How to Get Blizzabelle on Console, PC Fortnite guide will tell you just that.

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How to Get Blizzabelle on Console, PC Fortnite

How to Get Free Blizzabelle on PS4, PS5, XBOX & PC in Fortnite

The skin is free and will be available across all platforms from December 16th 2021, at 11 AM ET until January 6th 2022, at 11 AM ET. It’s easiest to get it on the PC, while getting it on consoles requires several extra steps. Now, let’s begin with the PC. To get this outfit, the first thing you need to do is to start Fortnite from your Epic Games Launcher. Once you are in the game, go into the Item Shop. There, scroll down until you find the Special Offers & Bundles. The Blizzabelle is here. It is completely free for the duration of the Winterfest, so all you need to do is to click on the Purchase button (don’t worry you won’t be charged any V-Bucks) and it will be yours. You can now equip it in the Outfits section.

To do this on PS4, PS5, and Xbox, you will need to have an EGS account and to connect your PlayStation Network or Xbox account to it. Since when you do this, your game content will be synced and shared across platforms, you can just log into the game from your PC to claim this cosmetic, and it will then be available on the PS and Xbox as well – if you have connected these accounts to your EGS account.

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    What is an EGS account and do I need a PC to login to it?

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      epic games account and no you just need a browser and go to

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