Fortnite BR Greasy Grove Treasure Map Location - Week 5 Challenge

Follow the treasure map found in Greasy Grove is one of the new weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. This week 5 challenge requires you to go to burger town, find the scroll with the cryptic map somewhere in it, then follow the clues until you find the prize. The prize, as always, is a battle star. If you’re having trouble finding either the parchment or the reward, just scroll down and check out our Fortnite BR Greasy Grove treasure map location guide.

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fortnite br greasy grove treasure map location
Fortnite BR Greasy Grove Treasure Map Location – Week 5 Challenge

Follow the treasure map found in Greasy Grove

UPDATE: Some seems to have data mined the texture for the map, and it’s floating about the internet. It shows what looks like a skull, with the X on top of the nose. If this is true, it means that the treasure is at the missile silo in the southwest of the map. It’s in mansion build into the mountain northeast of Snobby Shores. If you land from the west, you’ll see the mansion resembles a face. The battle star will be on the stairs that basically act as the nose.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Greasy Grove is the little town with the giant burger joint, in the southwestern part of the map. You’ll find it southwest of Tilted Towers. It consists of a handful of houses, a sporting goods store, a gas station and the fast food place it was named after. The map is going to be on a wall somewhere – it always is. The problem is, there are a lot of walls in Greasy Grove. We presume it’s going to be outside – maybe on one of the outer walls of the burger place? We’ll update this page as soon as the challenges go live, which will happen at some point tomorrow.

As for the treasure, we have absolutely no clue about it at this point. The map will have three or four notable landmarks on it, which are supposed to give you a hint about the location. If you don’t recognize them, our guide will help you. There’s no way of stumbling upon the prize accidentally. The battle star is invisible until you approach it – it pops out of the ground when you’re near enough.

When you know the location, the challenge shouldn’t be too hard to complete. Although everyone will be going there, you just need to drop at the exact location and snatch the star, so you don’t have to worry about gear, enemies, or other obstacles.