Fortnite BR How to Get Battle Pass Tier 100 & Unlock Omega

Unlocking Omega in Fortnite BR is a difficult journey. To do it, you’re going to need to level your Fortnite Battle Pass tier to 100. Needless to say, this means a lot of grinding out those battle stars through leveling and completing daily and weekly challenges. So, let’s see how to get battle pass tier 100 & unlock Omega skin in Fortnite BR.

Fortnite BR How to Get Battle Pass Tier 100 & Unlock Omega
Fortnite BR How to Get Battle Pass Tier 100 & Unlock Omega

How to Unlock Omega Skin in Fortnite – Battle Pass Tier 100

To unlock the Omega skin in Fortnite BR, you have to level up your battle pass tier to 100. The simple solution to the question is basically: grind out those weekly challenges and daily challenges as best you can. Depending on how good you are at completing these, or how much time you have, the tempo will vary. Reddit user K3AD has done the math, so let’s see how to get Battle Pass tier 100 in Fortnite BR.

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First off, the basic leveling bonuses. The game rewards you with two stars for every level, aside from every fifth level and every tenth level, which reward you with five and ten stars, respectively. That means 31 stars for every ten levels, which in turn means that you’ll need 31 levels to reach level 100. That’s completely impossible. Daily challenges reward you with five stars each, so that’s not possible either just on its own. That’s where we get into the weekly challenges, which are the meat of the matter.

If you complete all the challenges in any given week, you’ll get fifty battle stars, sixty if you also get the secret battle pass tier. Ten weeks of completing everything from the weekly challenges gives you six hundred stars, aka 60 levels for your battle pass tier. So basically, you can use the weekly challenges to reach level 60, then leveling bonuses to get to level 80 or so. After that, it’ll take about thirty daily challenges to reach level 100 and unlock Omega. It’s quite the grueling grind, but nobody said it would be easy.

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