How To Play Fortnite Bio Zone Wars Trio

Bio Zone Wars Trio is a map in Fortnite and we will explain everything you need to know how to play it. The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration has started and with it come Cosmic Summer Quest Challenges. You can tackle four of these challenges today in Bio’s Trio Zone Wars. Completing them is very worthwhile, since they give you not just a whole bunch of Season 7 XP, but also free cosmetics for every Cosmic Summer Quest you complete. Read on to learn How To Play Fortnite Bio Zone Wars Trio and what you need to do in order to finish these Cosmic Summer Quest Challenges.

How To Play Fortnite Bio Zone Wars Trio

How To Play Fortnite Bio Zone Wars Trio?

This is a Creative map in Fortnite and that means that you need to select the Creative mode in order to play it. When you enter Creative, go into “Discover” and you will see this particular map in the Cosmic Summer section. Click to launch it and you will be able to play it. The map is very hectic and well designed and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun playing it and completing all the challenges.

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Like we previously said, there are four Cosmic Summer Quest challenges here. These are:

  • Deal damage to players in Bio Zone Wars Trio (1000).
  • Get headshot kills in Bios Zone Wars Trio (10).
  • Gain health or apply shields in Bios Zone Wars Trio (500).
  • Assist teammates with eliminations in Bio Zone Wars Trio (50).

Completing these tasks will get you from 20k to 35k XP. With Alien Artifacts Week 3 Locations, this is promising to be another exciting addition to Fortnite. We hope that you will give this Creative map a try and that you will be able to easily handle all the challenges. Have fun playing and thank you for reading our How To Play Fortnite Bio Zone Wars Trio guide.

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