Fortnite Lantern Puzzle at Lantern Fest Tour 2023

Lantern Fest 2023 is currently underway in Fortnite. And to celebrate, a lot of new content has been added to the game. Among these new additions, a particular piece of content clearly stands out. Namely, the green lantern puzzle. This puzzle requires that you figure out the correct order for five tubes there. You will only have 30 seconds to crack the right sequence, which won’t give you a lot of time to figure it out. But don’t worry, as we have the exact solution for the Fortnite Lantern Puzzle at Lantern Fest Tour 2023 right here.

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Fortnite Lantern Puzzle at Lantern Fest Tour 2023
Fortnite Lantern Puzzle at Lantern Fest Tour 2023

How to Solve Lantern Puzzle in Fortnite Lantern Fest Tour 2023

First, let’s see where you can find this puzzle. It is right next to the Slurp Juice store on the western portion of the Island. You will easily spot it, as it looks like a giant green lantern. Note that you can only go in once the previous player has finished playing. If the text inside the lantern reads “There is no one inside”, you are free to enter. Interact with the lantern and you will be transported to a location with five different-colored tubes. The timer will instantly start counting down, notifying you that you should “Try to solve the puzzle before the timer runs out!” In order to activate a tube, you need to go to it and press the interact button. But what is the correct order here? Here is the exact sequence you need to input:

  • Tube #1: Red (with a picture of a Camel on it).
  • Tube #2: Blue (with a picture of a Moon on it).
  • Tube #3: Purple (with a picture of an Island on it).
  • Tube #4: Green (with a picture of a Cactus on it).
  • Tube #5: Yellow (with a picture of a Palm Tree on it).
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