Fortnite BR Lonely Lodge Chest Locations

Search chests in Lonely Lodge is one of the new battlepass challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete it, you’ll have to find and open up seven chests in the camping grounds in the northeast of the map. Since some of them are well hidden, we’ve decided to help you by showing you all Fortnite BR Lonely Lodge chest locations.

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Search chests in Lonely Lodge

The biggest landmark in the area is the wooden watchtower. There are three spawn locations in it – one in the cabin at the top, another on the balcony next to it, and yet another on a platform under the cabin. The chances of seeing all three in one life are slim, but it’s a great place to land – you’re bound to find at least one.

The next one can spawn in the attic of the tiny cabin to the west of the watchtower. You’ll have to either land on it and break through the roof, or build a ramp up to it and break through the wall.

The highest plateau of the area, in the west, is home to several camping tents. If you get up there, you’ll find a chest next to one of them. There’s another chest almost directly under it, in a cave.

There’s a two-storey shack right next to the plateau with the camping tents. Sometimes, a chest will spawn on the upper floor, next to the shelf. You can either land on the terrace, or use the stairs to get up there.

Another chest is in the small shack to the east of the lodge, the higher one. Break through the roof to get to it. There’s an identical shack on the western side of the lodge, too, with a chest spawn. The procedure for reaching it is identical.

There are three chests in the lodge itself. You’ll find one on a platform above the western entrance. Another is on a balcony as soon as you enter from the east, to the right. The final one is on the upper floor, behind the wall with the mounted deer heads.


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