Fortnite BR Loot Lake Chest Locations - Week 2 Challenge

Search chests in Loot Lake is one of the week 2 challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. You already know the drill – go to the location, look for seven uopened chests and loot them. It’s a tricky one – if you land at the mansion in the middle of the lake, you’re basically stranded. Same goes for the campsite island or one of the boats. You’ll probably have to do land there several times before you’re done. In case you have trouble finding them, our guide will show you all Fortnite BR Loot Lake chest locations.

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Seach chests in Loot Lake

First, let’s get the ones that are the most difficult out of the way. The ones in the water. There are two on tiny rowboats in the north and south of the lake, and two more next to the comet fragment in the east. Opening any of these leaves you dead in the water, so be careful.

If you then go to the west side of the lake, you’ll find one in the small, fenced-in area with the water pump. Next up, go into the factory closer to you and you’ll find another one on the ground floor, across the hall from the stairs.

One more chest can spawn in that factory building, up on the second floor. Follow the stairs and look for it behind the wooden crate, in the corner. Afterwars, you just need to ransack the other industrial building – the one with the disco ball. It’s in the attic, inacessible from the ground if you can’t build. Look for it on a bunch of wooden pallets.

If you then go to the north of the lake, you’ll find one chest in the luxury house. It’s in the garage, and you’ll have to break down the door to reach it. Afterwards, you could take a look into the small boathouse with the wooden pier – a chest can spawn there as well.

Two more are to be found in the area – one on top of the wooden watchtower, outside the cabin, the other on the small island in the north of the lake, in the middle of the campsite. There’s another campsite on the eastern shore of the lake, with yet another chest.

The last place left to ransack is the big house in the middle of the lake. If you approach from the south, you’ll notice two things – a ledge below the level of the house, and a mine shaft under the building. There should be one chest on the ledge, and another at the end of the tunnel.

The other two are inside the house. If you enter through the front door, climb the stairs and go into the farther room on left. You’ll find the first one there, next to the bed. The other is the attic.


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