How to Mantle in Fortnite, What Does Mantle Mean

In our How to Mantle in Fortnite, What Does Mantle Mean guide, we’re going to clear up the confusion that has cropped up in the fan base. First off, we’re going to explain what the word “mantle” means in this context. Then, we’ll tell you how to execute that move, as well as how to complete the “Mantle 5 Times in 5 Seconds” Fortnite challenge.

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how to mantle in fortnite what does mantle mean
How to Mantle in Fortnite, What Does Mantle Mean

What Does Mantle Mean in Fortnite

To mantle in Fortnite means grabbing onto a ledge and pulling yourself up. It’s a climbing term that’s also used in parkour. You know that thing people do when climbing out of a pool, or getting up on a ledge? That’s what a mantle is. I understand why the wording of the “Mantle 5 Times in 5 Seconds” challenge has confused a bunch of players. Mantle has so many different meanings, both as a noun and a verb, and if you’re not into climbing, odds are small that you know the slang. Heck, even I had to look it up to be sure. But, yeah, it’s just take hold of a ledge and hoisting yourself onto it.

How to Mantle in Fortnite

To mantle in Fortnite, all you have to do is find a ledge that’s within the reach of your jump. Then, jump towards it and keep holding the button. If you’ve done it right, your character will latch onto said ledge and then climb onto it. Work on executing the move for a bit; you never know when it might come in handy. I can see it being a very useful maneuver.

As for the “Mantle 5 Times in 5 Seconds” challenge, there’s a very easy way to pull it off. Jump into any mode that has building and gather some wood. Then, build four walls to form a “+” sign. With that done, mantle onto one of the walls then jump and mantle onto the next one, and so on in a circle. You’ll complete the challenge in no time with a bit of practice.

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