Morty & Will Smith Fortnite Skins Leaked

Because Fortnite is equal parts game and billboard, their skins are often soft promotions for various intellectual properties. I mean, you know this, you’ve played the game. Well, according to recent leaks, it seems that the next two such skins will be of Will Smith and Morty. Will Smith from Bad Boys, to be exact. I know, I would’ve preferred grumpy Will with a broom from Bright, too.

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morty & will smith fortnite skins leaked
Morty & Will Smith Fortnite Skins Leaked

Bad Boys Will Smith & Morty Skins Leaked Fortnite

Yes, indeed, according to new leaks, you can look forward to getting at least two new skins based on different franchises. First off, props to HYPEX and Not0fficer for bringing these upcoming cosmetics to light. So, what can we expect to see? Well, for one, the Will Smith skin is based on his character from the Bad Boys franchise, Mike Lowrey. In fact, that’s exactly what the cosmetic’s name will be. All joking aside, he does look cool – shades, black pants and T-shirt, strapped with all sorts of guns, the works.

As for the Morty skin, it’s pretty cool too. It’s not just him, of course; he’s sitting in a mech suit, and his backpack seems to have a Mr. Meeseeks cube in it. If you want to see what they look like, you can check out HYPEX’s Twitter feed via the link above. And while we’re on the subject, the dataminers have also leaked a wide list of emotes and dances and other such stuff, one of which is going to be “Get Schwifty.” You know, just in case if you want to really complete the Morty experience.

Among other things that HYPEX and co. have uncovered are the Moss Knight bundle, as well as Ninja Wolf, Troll, and Janky (of Guggimon fame) skins. In other words, there’s a ton of stuff to look forward to. We don’t know exactly when any of it will come out, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as possible.

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