Fortnite Nolan Quest Step 14 Bugged, Can't Recruit Peely for Heist

If you can not complete the final step 14/14 of Fortnite’s Nolan Chance’s Snapshot quest, you are not alone. “Gather a heist crew by speaking with the usual suspect”, the final stage 14 of Fortnite’s Nolan quest, is currently bugged. Namely, players can’t talk with Peely to recruit him for the heist crew. Read on as we explain why this is happening and if there are some solutions.

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Fortnite Nolan Quest Step 14 Bugged, Can't Recruit Peely for Heist
Fortnite Nolan Quest Step 14 Bugged, Can’t Talk With Peely To Join Heist Crew (Image Credit: u/Coolmrz via Reddit)

Can’t Complete Fortnite Nolan Quest Step 14, Can’t Talk With Peely to Join the Heist Crew

One of the big lore elements in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 revolves around the mysterious Nolan Chance, who is the main character of this season’s battle pass. In order to learn more about him and his place in the Fortnite universe, Epic Games has prepared a series of quests called Nolan Chance’s Snapshot. The questline is separated into 14 stages. And each stage is there to prepare a grand heist worthy of this legendary master thief. However, since the v26.30 update on October 10th, it seems that the final Stage 14 of Fortnite Nolan Quest is glitched. Namely, Fortnite players are unable to talk with Peely for some reason. Hence, Peely will not join the heist crew for the Nolan quest.

“You have to interact with Peely Bone. Unlike other NPC’s of the quest there is no “continue” dialogue option. Can’t finish the quest now,” complains Reddit user Rifern. Many other players report the same issue. “So I’m trying to do my battle pass quests to level up and on stage 14/14 I have to talk to peely bone to gather him to the heist crew, but when I try to talk to him there is no dialogue option just his usually buy a weapon or turn into a disguise,” says another Reddit user.

So, why is Fornite Nolan Quest Step 14 bugged, and is there a solution? To the best of our knowledge, there is currently no solution for this. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the developers to fix this issue. This is most likely happening because tuxedo Agent Peely is replaced with Bone Peely in the latest update. And this has likely caused the Nolan Quest Step 14 bug. We will update the article once we have more information.

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