Fortnite How to Open Cosmic Chest & Locations

Cosmic chests in Fortnite are a new type of chest added in Chapter 2 Season 7 (or Invasion), and people are wondering about their locations and how to open them. As it turns out, the answers to these questions are not as simple as it might seem on the surface. They only spawn under certain conditions, but figuring out where to find a cosmic chest is not that hard once it does spawn. Opening the only real potential problem. To help you out on this journey, here’s our Fortnite How to Open Cosmic Chest & Locations guide.

fortnite how to open cosmic chest & locations
Fortnite How to Open Cosmic Chest & Locations

Fortnite Cosmic Chest Locations

The locations of cosmic chests in Fortnite appear at random, and only when you’re playing in squads. A little while after you begin a match, the game will notify you that a cosmic chest has spawned, and will helpfully provide you and your entire squad with an map marker and an icon that you can see in regular play. There’s no possible way you can miss them. However, the whole squad has to go to the location of the chest in order for the thing to open, as we’ll explain below. On top of that, there’s a time limit after which the cosmic chest will disappear again. So, all of you have to beeline for the chest immediately.

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How to Open Fortnite Cosmic Chest

To open the Fortnite Cosmic Chest, the whole squad has to gather around the purple crystal encasing it. Once you’re all on location, you have to take turns hitting it until it cracks open and lets you raid the chest. The catch here is that you will need to communicate with your team mates to be as efficient as possible. For one, the chest expires after a couple of minutes, so you don’t have too much time to mess around. More importantly, you run the risk of another squad coming across you by accident and getting the drop on you while you’re futzing with the chest. Just establish the order in which you’ll hit it, and you’ll do just fine.

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