Fortnite Payphone Locations

Payphone locations in Fortnite are closely knit with the “Accept a Quest from a Pay Phone” mission that you can complete in Chapter 2 Season 7. The task here is fairly obvious – you need to interact with a Fortnite pay phone location to get a quest, and then complete it. Do it enough times, and you complete the entire chain. The true main problem here is where to find payphones, and that’s what we’ll be covering in our Fortnite Payphone Locations guide.

fortnite payphone locations
Fortnite Payphone Locations

Where to Find Payphone Locations in Fortnite

To find Fortnite Payphone locations, you can visit any of the fifteen or so locations we’ve marked on the map below. As you can see, they pretty much form a circle around the island, and they all kinda follow the road that connects the entirety of the outer rim. Some of them are in named locations, such as in the south of Pleasant Park, the east of Believer Beach, in the middle of Retail Row, and so on. However, there’s also a bunch of them that are just out by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere. These might be the better choice for these quests, because they’ll keep you out of harm’s way, since there’s less of a chance you’ll run into other players. Plus, it adds a bit of mystique and roleplaying to the proceedings, right?

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where to find payphone locations fortnite
Payphone locations (click or tap to enlarge)

So, now that we know where to find Fortnite payphone locations, how does the “Accept a Quest from a Pay Phone” mission actually work? Well, I don’t want to be accused of any spoilers here, so I’m gonna be as vague as possible. Basically, you just need to interact with a payphone and complete the quest that the guy on the other side tells you to do. Rinse and repeat three times until it’s all done. Your reward for finishing the entire quest chain is going to be a neat 30,000 XP. Not bad for what the demands are.

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