Fortnite BR Risky Reels Chest Locations - Week 7 Challenge

Search chests in Risky Reels is one of the week 7 battle pass challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you want to finish it, you’ll have to open up seven chests in the drive-in theater in the northeast of the map. We’re going to help you accomplish that by showing you all Fortnite BR Risky Reels chest locations.

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Search chests in Risky Reels

You can find one behind the giant projector screen in the south of the area. It’s on the scaffolding in the back. Another two are on the eastern border, in the wooden shack with the tables and benches.

Two more chests can be found in the building with the fast food stand, in the west of the area. It’s the building with the car lodged in the roof. The first one is in the bathroom – the second door on the right. You’ll have to destroy the stall to get it. The second is in the attic, directly above the counter.

A chest can sometimes spawn in the ticket booth in the northwest. It’s where the road meets the theater grounds, by the giant neon sign. If you go to the house in the north of the area, you’ll find one chest in the room with the terrace.

That’s not the only chest in the house, though – there’s one on the ground floor, in the room next to the studio. There’s also one in the attic, and you can check whether it’s there before you land – just move east of the house, and you’ll be able to see it through the hole in the roof. The last chest is outside, next to the house in the north, on top of a purple RV. If you don’t land on it, you will have to build a ramp to reach it.


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