Fortnite BR Rubber Duckies Locations - Week 3 Challenge

Search rubber duckies is one of the new weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you want to complete it – and why wouldn’t you? – you’ll have to find ten yellow rubber ducks hidden across the map. It may sound easy at first, but keep in mind they’re tiny. They’re also bound to be very well hidden, and you’ll have other things to worry about. Like the bullets whizzing past your head. If you get stuck, you’ll find help in our Fortnite BR rubber ducky locations guide.

fortnite br rubber ducky locations
Fortnite BR Rubber Ducky Locations – Week 3 Challenge

Search rubber duckies

The duckies have appeared, but the challenge isn’t working properly for some players. There have been reports of collected duckies not counting towards the challenge. If you experience this issue, we advise you to wait until Epic fixes it.

We found the first ducky in Lonely Lodge. It was in the pond in the northern part of the area, east of the lodge building. You’ll find it at the east side of the pond, right next to the small cliff.

There’s one more at the Lodge. When you pick up the first one, follow the creek to its source. The ducky will be in the cave mouth. Alternatively, you can land at the big tree near the watchtower, then drop off the cliff directly to it.

You’ll find another on the outskirts of Moisty Mire. It’s in the tiny pond north of the marsh. There’s a wooden shack with a pier on the shore, and you’ll find the rubber ducky snuggling up to the pier.

While you’re in the swamp, go south. There’s another pond south of the marsh, near the southern edge of the map. You’ll find one more ducky there, in the middle of the water.

The next one we found in Snobby Shores, the affluent neighborhood in the southwestern corner of the map. Go to the second house from the south, the one with the empty pool. You’ll find the duck in the pool.

We found two duckies in Retail Row. The first one was near the water tower, in the southeastern corner of the city. Go there, and you’ll see a small brick building on one side of the tower, and a green water pump on the other. Break the pump to release the ducky.

The other Retail Row ducky is in the ruined house in the southwest of the area. Enter through the front door and forward into the kitchen. Turn right when you hit a wall, and you’ll end up in the bathroom. The ducky will be in the bathtub.

Two duckies are hiding in plain sight, in Fatal Fields. There’s a creek north of the farm, that goes into a cave east of the gray barn. Go to the halfway point of the creek, and you’ll find the first one across the water from a tree.

The second one is in the pond. You’ll find the pond on the south side of the farm. There’s a wooden pier there, and a giant willow tree next to the water. The ducky will be waiting for you under that tree.

A pair of ducks are hiding out in Anarchy Acres as well. There’s a bridge across the river to the east of the farm. Go there, and go down to the river. You’ll see a crashed car in the water. The first one is lodged between some rocks next to it.

The other ducky is in the northern part of the area, at the edge of the map. Follow the river downstream until you reach the end of the map. You’ll see a waterfall before the abyss. Jump down to the bottom and look for the collectible on the ground to the west.

While you’re there, you can also grab the one from the unnamed motel west of Anarchy Acres. There’s a lake in the northern part of the compound, and you’ll find the ducky in it, in a pile of trash.

If you visit Loot Lake, you’ll be able to find another two. Go to the northeastern corner of the lake, and look for a small wooden pier. The ducky will be in the water, next to one of the rowboats.

The other one is on the south side of the lake. It’s where the waterfall turns the lake into a river. Look at the bottom of the waterfall, and you’ll see rocks on both sides. The duck is hidden between the rocks on the western side.

The next ducky we found was in Flush Factory. It’s under the giant toilet bowl. Literally under it, as you’ll have to destroy the pillar it’s standing on in order to get to the duck.

There’s also one at the unnamed location between Tilted Towers and Snobby Shores, the one with the soccer field, indoor pool, taco shop and gas station. The ducky is in the building with the soccer field – you’ll find it on the western side, in the showers.

One ducky is hiding out in Greasy Grove. If you go to the south of the area, you’ll see two houses and a gazebo between them. There’s a small walled-in area near the gazebo. If you go inside, you’ll notice a green water pump. Destroy it, and you’ll find your prize.

The next one is in Lucky Landing. Go to the river west of the location, and follow it south. You’ll find a waterfall at the end, near the edge of the map. The ducky is at the bottom of the waterfall.

If you follow the river back north, you’ll find another duck under the bridge. It’s next to the overturned ice cream truck, by one of the bridge support beams.



  1. G

    I found one in the swimming pool at Snobby Shores

    1. G

      They quack until u find and search them so just go towards the quack

  2. Y

    I found one in the small river fatal fields. Top right of fatal fields in the water

  3. J

    there’s one underneath the giant toilet at flush factory 🙂

  4. F

    Flush Factory – Huge Toliet Sign (inside the pole).
    Greasy Grove – Next to a power tower (green fence)

  5. C

    one in lonely lodge near edge of map in water

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