Search Between Movie Titles - Fortnite BR Challenge

Search between movie titles is going to be one of the battlepass challenges in week 10 of season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale. If you want the rewards it brings, you’ll have to find a hidden battle star, which will, as the name says, be between movie titles. If you’re having trouble finding the location that lets you complete this weekly challenge, keep reading our guide, and it will show you Fortnite BR movie title locations.

fortnite br search between movie titles
Search Between Movie Titles – Fortnite BR Challenge

Movie title locations

UPDATE: The battle star is hidden in the northwestern corner of the map. It’s between Junk Junction, the movie studio to the east of it, and the large football stadium. It’s as we suspected – the movie titles on the marquee at Risky Reels are hints – TV Dreams is the film studio, Orange Crusher is Junk Junction, and White Lion is the soccer stadium. If you go to the crossroads near the studio, you’ll notice the patch of dirt by the road. That’s where the star appears, but only when you’re close enough.

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ORIGINAL TEXT: Since the challenges aren’t live yet, there’s a lot of speculation going around. The only place we know of with movie titles is the sign in front of the drive-in theater at Risky Reels. The sign contains three names, and you can’t really search between them. There are many theories about this one, but only two strong contenders.

It could be that Epic will add several more of these signs in certain locations across the map. If that happens, the challenge would consist of finding a battle star hidden between those signs. It’s not too adventurous, but it’s no worse than the regular treasure map and “search between” challenges.

The other option is that we’re supposed to read the film names like hints – each name could point to a different location on the map. That would be a more puzzling task – you’d have to decipher each location before you look for the treasure. The sign currently has three movies listed – The Beautiful Game, Nothing But Net and Mirror of Lies. We have no idea which places these names could represent, but Epic could change the names in the next update. It wouldn’t be the first time they made last minute changes.

No matter how it turns out, we’ll definitely update this page as soon as the challenges are live, to show you the exact locations of the movie titles and the hidden battle star.

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