Search Between Oasis, Rock Archway, Dinosaurs - Fortnite BR Challenge

Search between oasis, rock archway, dinosaurs is one of the new weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete it, you’ll have to find the three landmarks from the name, then look for a hidden battle star between them. If you get stuck trying to find them and triangulate the position of the treasure, our Fortnite BR oasis, rock archway, dinosaurs location guide will help you.

Oasis, Rock Archway, Dinosaurs Locations

UPDATE: The challenge is live. The star is on a plateau halfway up the hill south of the rock archway. It’s the one with the rock formation.

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The area in question is in the newly formed desert, in the southeastern part of the map. It’s a new zone, so it’s quite understandable the devs would want to focus on it in one of the early challenges. The landmarks are pretty obvious if you’ve spent some time there. If you haven’t you might struggle a bit.

The oasis is visible on the map itself – it’s a lake surrounded with palm trees in the southwestern corner of the desert. It’s right across the road from the gas station, and it’s the starting point for the tiny river that flows through the sandy area.

The rock archway is a huge natural formation, a plateau connecting two mesas southwest of Paradise Palms. The dinosaurs are large sculptures in the southern part of the area. If you follow the road south from Paradise Palms, you’ll see them soon after the road bends towards the west. They’ll be standing by the road before you reach the bridge.

If you draw a triangle using these three points, you might be able to surmise the battle star’s location. Our guess is it’s either going to be atop the big mesa with the RV, or in the river itself. We won’t know for sure until Thursday, which is when the challenges go live. We’ll update the guide with the precise location and screenshots then.

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