Search Between Three Oversized Seats - Fortnite Week 8 Treasure Map

Search between three oversized seats is one of the week 8 challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete it, you’ll have to find the three objects mentioned in the name, then look for a suspicious spot in the triangle between them. Once you go there, a battle star will pop up. Snatch it, and the challenge will be complete. If you have trouble solving it on your own, keep reading our Fortnite BR Search between three oversized seats guide.

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fortnite br search between three oversized seats
Search Between Three Oversized Seats – Fortnite BR Weekly Challenge

Fortnite BR oversized seat locations

The first one should be obvious to anyone who has been playing for at least a month. It’s the giant wooden chair south of Shifty Shafts. The second one isn’t as on-the-nose as this one, but it’s still pretty big, and it’s obviously a seat. It’s the giant toilet bowl on the pole in front of Flush Factory, in the southwestern corner of the map. The last one is the hardest to discover, but by now, you should already have an approximate idea where to look for it.

Go to the unnamed factory northeast of Flush. There’s a bunch of shipping containers there. Look for a particular bunch, arranged so as to resemble an armchair. That’s the third seat. If you look at the map now, you’ll see the only thing in the triangle is the mountain between the three locations – the one with the toilet shrine. Climb up to the top, and look for a patch of dirt in the grass on the south side. Once you approach it, the battle star should appear.

Since the challenges aren’t live yet, we might be wrong – this is all speculation. We’ll update the guide when they go live, to correct any possible mistakes or inaccuracies. Stay tuned!