Fortnite BR Shopping Carts Will Become Vehicles Soon

According to the game’s welcome screen, Fortnite BR will soon be getting shopping carts. Well, it already has shopping carts, but they’ll become vehicles at some point in the near future. You will be able to roll into battle on them – or have someone push you around in one. There’s no word on when exactly this is going to happen, but the community is already thrilled by the prospect.

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fortnite br shopping cart
Fortnite BR Shopping Carts Will Become Vehicles Soon

The only description offered along with the announcement says “roll into battle alone or with a buddy”. This could mean they’ll only be available in solo or duo modes, but it could also just point to the fact that they can be operated by one or two people. So no whole squads piling up in a single shopping cart, amazing as that may sound.

The game is pretty much littered with shopping carts already, and we’re hoping Epic will just allow us to use these as vehicles. There’s a possibility they’ll add new, special ones, specifically to be used in this way. Maybe they’ll drop from chests, or float a few inches above ground, like traps and other items.

If you start thinking about how vehicles might impact the game, the idea of having them in a limited time mode sounds like a good solution. They’ll definitely be loud – everything in Fortnite is loud. They’ll make you more visible and less maneuverable. They may even mess up your aim, like jetpacks do. Of course, they wouldn’t be the first unbalanced item to get into the game – everyone still remembers the guided missiles and the uproar they caused before they were removed.

We’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully Epic gives us some more info in the coming days, a blog post explaining the new addition.

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