Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations - How To Unlock Styles & Colors

Singularity helmets are a new kind of collectible in Fortnite Battle Royale. There’s five of them, and each one you find will unlock a new style for the Singularity skin. If you want to cusotmize the outfit with new color schemes, you’ll have to get them all. When you approach one of them, the helmet will start floating, which makes it a bit easier to find them. Still, they’re properly hidden. If you have trouble sniffing them out, this guide will show you all Fortnite Singularity helmet locations.

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Where to find Singularity helmets?

You’ll find the first one in the volcano in the northeast. Land on the north side of Pressure Plant and approach the newly-revealed facility. If you look down from the edge, you’ll notice it on one of the walkways, behind the knees of the mysterious giant robot.

You’ll find the next one near Loot Lake. Land of the north side of the big land mass, where the house used to be. The helmet will be on a ledge near a tree, a big rock and a shipping container.

This one is in the middle of the map. Head for the meadow halfway between Dusty Divot and Shifty Shafts. You’ll find the helmet in the grass, west of the floating station and the giant beach ball.

Then there’s the one in the frozen area in the southwest. You’ll find it on the slopes of Polar Peak, in the middle of the area. It’s on the north side of the hill, tucked away behind a crate on one of the snowy platforms.

The last one’s in Neo Tilted. You’ll find it in the east part of town, on the balcony of the slipstream station, the one overlooking the statue. There are two more styles, but they aren’t tied to the collectible helmets – instead, you’ll need to collect even more Fortbytes to get them.


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