Streetlight Spotlights Locations - Fortnite BR Dance Challenge

Dance under different streetlight spotlights is one of the first weekly challenges in season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete it, you’ll have to find seven of these new objects and dance while below them. Since they’ve just been added to the game, nobody actually knows where all of them are, but we’re going to catalogue all the places we’ve seen them in our Fortnite BR Streetlight Spotlight locations guide.

fortnite br streetlight spotlights locations
Fortnite BR Streetlight Spotlight Locations – Dance Challenge

Dance under different streetlight spotlights

The first one we’ve found was in Lazy Links. You’ll find it at the parking lot north of the restaurant. You’ll recognize it by the speakers hanging from the pole. Just get below it and start dancing, and the game will register it.

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We found the next one at the unnamed location between Tilted Towers and Snobby Shores, the one with the large, indoor soccer stadium. The streetlight is in front of the pool, at the crossroads.

Then there’s the one in Retail Row. It’s in the western part of the area, where the houses are. You’ll find it behind the taco shop, next to the small enclosure with the chain link fence.

Afterwards, you can go look for the one in Fatal Fields. It’s right next to the gray barn, in the north of the area.

We found another at the gas station in the desert. It’s the unnamed location between Lucky Landing and Paradise Palms, the one near the edge of the desert. The streetlight is on the main road, next to the station.

Going to an unnamed location again, you can find one in the industrial area northeast of Flush Factory (the place where the accursed dance club is). It’s in the street in the south, near the red truck.

We also found one in Greasy Grove. It was in the middle of the area, next to the sporting goods store and the gas station.

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