Fortnite BR Supply Llama Locations - Where to find Llama Drops

Supply llama are a new kind of supply drop in Fortnite Battle Royale. They were introduced in a recent update, and they are pretty rare. Only three of them appear in a single game. If you manage to find one, you’ll get 500 of each building material, traps, potions and more. Since they’re so tough to get, we’ve decided to write a guide with all possible Fortnite BR supply llama locations, to help you get the upper hand.

fortnite br supply llama locations
Fortnite BR Supply Llama Locations – Where to find Llama Drops

Where to find supply llama drop?

The map below shows all the locations we’ve encountered them in. There might be more – we’ll update the guide if we discover any additional spots. As you can see, the biggest density is in the space between Salty Springs and Fatal Fields – three potential spots in a small area. There are two in Moisty Mire, as well, pretty close to each other.

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where to find supply llama drop fortnite br

Apart from that, they’re pretty evenly distributed across the map. There’s one in the southwestern corner of Pleasant Park, and another on the northern shore of Loot Lake. You can find one between Anarchy Acres and Tomato Town. If you’re near Retail Row, you can check out three spots – one to the north, one to the southeast and one to the southwest. A drop can appear between Tilted Towers and Shifty Shafts, and another betweet Shifty Shafts and Greasy Grove.

The edges of the map are oddly empty, but then again, they’re the first to go when the storm starts shrinking, so it makes sense. It’s probably not wise to count on getting a supply llama as part of your strategy, but it’s useful knowing where they can appear – 1500 building materials is no joke, and can actually get you out of a tight spot rather easily.

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  1. B

    Thanks for the guide i would add one on Snobby shores, i cant tell the exact location since another team got the llama, we just killed them and realize they had way too much materials, Keep up the good work and good luck hunting.

    1. B

      Oh and another one just under the “O” of Lonely Lodge XD.

  2. S

    Theres 1 round the perimeter of flush factory, i landing on top of it as the match started

  3. K

    There is also one in between wailing woods and the camper van on the hill (by the big tree with two chests).

  4. K

    Found one at the Motel, next to the pool. D2

  5. S
    Steven de Veroverraar

    this was so useless.
    chest have certain spawn locations and it can either spawn or not.
    lama locations are obviously not like chest. but more like supply drops. (they can even “land” in trees). only supply drops will always be forced to spawn in the newest circle. lamas can be anywhere since they spawn b4 you land.
    if we can get our hands on the code that makes them spawn (that code is server side). you can probably write a program that can identify the spawning locations based on the seed of the game your in that displayed top left corner.

  6. Y
    Ya boi steven

    Two in wailing woods but don’t exactly know where

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