Fortnite BR Update 5 Adds Golf Karts, Rifts, Season 5 Battle Pass

Epic Games have released a new update for Fortnite Battle Royale. Patch 5.0 marks the start of season 5, and it brings a host of upgrades, fixes and changes. Of course, the servers are down, because an update this big requires a fair bit of tinkering behind the scenes, so you can’t see any of it yet. Thankfully, you have us, to tell you about all the pretty things you can expect.

fortnite br golf kart rift update 5
Fortnite BR Update 5 Adds Golf Karts, Rifts, Season 5 Battle Pass

The map changes are obviously the biggest thing, so let’s get them out of the way first. They’ve added a desert biome, as well as two new locations: Paradise Palms and Lazy Links. We don’t know what they look like, but the names are pretty self-explanatory. You should also expect “a few” smalled, unnamed locations.

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There’s also a new vehicle, a proper one this time. It’s a golf kart called All Terrain Kart (ATK), which can fit an entire squad. It also has a bounce pad on the roof, which is probably going to be a whole lot of fun. The passangers in the back can affect the kart’s jump height by tilting back. The patch notes also mention rifts, with an image of what looks like an interdimensional portal, but the only info they’ve shared is about how stepping through one is going to be a “wild ride”.

In less hefty but no less important news, they’ve made an effort to put an end to shotgun-switching (that thing where you circumvent the long pause between shots with a shotgun by switching to another shotgun). They’ve increased the number of pellets the heavy shotgun fires, and made the hunting rifle more in line with other long-range weapons by reducing aim assist.

Free to play users will now have access to the first three battle pass challenges each week – they won’t be able to get the reward, which is unlocked after completing four, but they’ll get something more to do. Last but not least, you’ll finally get XP for reviving teammates in large-squad LTMs.

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