Fortnite Update 7.10 Marks The Start of Holiday Event

Fortnite is getting a seasonal event for the holidays, as one does. It’s going to add new challenges, rewards, and a quicker rotation of game modes both new and old. It’s all going to go live tomorrow, along with the 7.10 patch. Apart from the holiday cheer, the patch is also going to contain some fixes and updates, as patches often do. Keep reading for a list of highlights, or visit Epic’s site for a full changelog.

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14 days of fortnite
Fortnite Update 7.10 Marks The Start of Holiday Event

Large team modes (like 50v50 and stuff) are going to rotate every two days, while smaller team modes will change every 24 hours. Creative mode is also getting a piece of the wintry wonderland vibe with four new snowy islands, as well as six new winter village prefabs. It’ll also get new prop packs, cube colors, logs and tree stumps, and some ramps and floors.

As for the changes and fixes, the heavy assault rifle has been nerfed some. It’s going to be a bit less effective when not aiming down sights, but the zoomed in feel hasn’t been changed. The minimum height for glider redeployment has been almost halved, which should prove fun in modes that allow it.

Ground vehicles will now slide when driving on ice, and landing on all four wheels simultaneously will negate any fall damage the players would previously take. If you, by way of witchcraft, manage to no-scope another player, the kill feed will now display this fact for all to see. There are also some performance improvements, mainly concerning GPU usage when the view distance is set to far.

We still don’t know anything about the new challenges and rewards, mostly because Epic has scared the whole data mining community by going after that one guy, so we actually have to wait for official announcements now.

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