Fortnite BR Vending Machine Locations - How to Trade Materials for Gear

Vending machines are coming to Fortnite Battle Royale, according to a pop-up that came with the latest update. They’re going to allow you to exchange building materials for weapons and gear. It’s uncertain when exactly they’re going to be added – probably at some point in the next two weeks. In this here guide, we’re going to list all Fortnite BR vending machine locations, as soon as they’re in the game.

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fortnite br vending machine locations
Fortnite BR Vending Machine Locations – How to Trade Materials for Gear

Where to find vending machines in Fortnite BR?

UPDATE: They’ve started showing up! They’re all over the map, and they offer random weapons and items in exchange for building materials (the amounts they require are a bit high, though). We’ve found one next to the big building in Junk Junction, another by the gas station in the east of Pleasant Park. There’s one by the lodge in Lonely Lodge, and yet another one on the hill east of Loot Lake.

Also at Loot Lake, you can find one next to the little house by the wooden pier, on the northern shore. Yet another one is southeast of the lake, in the ruined house halfway towards Dusty Depot. There’s one in Retail Row, in front of McGuffin’s book store in the east. You’ll also find a vending machine in Salty Springs, by the gas station (thanks Zap).

ORIGINAL TEXT: There’s probably going to be one in every larger settlement – maybe even in each named location. At first, they might sound overpowered – after all, one of the bigger dice rolls in the game is seeing what you end up with early on. Just having the ability to cut down some trees and get a good weapon would make it a lot easier to gear up before your first contact with another player.

However, various Twitch streams and Youtube videos show people who have managed to go out of bounds and find vending machines in what look like testing areas. None of this is set in stone, obviously, but what we did see led us to believe that the vending machines are actually going to be fairly balanced.

The example we saw was a machine that offers to exchange 250 wood for a minigun. First of all, this means you won’t be able to choose which weapon you’ll get – if you don’t want a minigun, you’re out of luck. On the other hand, it’s a princely sum – getting 250 wood takes effort and time, and you always need building materials. It’s not like you’re exchanging something you don’t want or need. You will be giving out essential materials for a better weapon.

Of course, all of this is subject to change, and the vending machines may end up wildly different to what we’ve accidentally seen. We’re going to update this guide with more information, as well as the precise locations, as soon as the vending machines are live.

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