Fortnite Visit 5 Highest Elevations on the Island Locations

Visit 5 Highest Elevations on the Island is one of the new Fortnite weekly challenges for Season 8 Week 6. Since it’s one of the free challenges, it’s available to everyone, not just those that have the battle pass. The basic premise of the challenge is finding the highest points on the map, and the game has signs to help you find these places. Our Fortnite BR Visit 5 Highest Elevations on the Island Locations guide will show you where to find the highest mountaintops on the island, in order to complete the battle pass challenge.

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Fortnite Visit 5 Highest Elevations on the Island Locations
Fortnite Visit 5 Highest Elevations on the Island Locations

Visit Five Highest Elevations on the Island – Where to Find?

To find the five highest elevations on the island in Fortnite, you’ll have to get atop the highest mountains. The game makes this easier by putting signs. So, which five elevations on the island houses these signs? Well, the first one is the top of the volcano. The sign is opposite the small pathway / ledge leading to the center of the chasm, on the south side of the volcano’s crater.

The second location is the top of the tower of the castle in the north of Polar Peak. Specifically, you can find the sign in the northeast corner of the tower.

The third location is also in the snowy region. To the west of Frosty Flights, and southeast of Polar Peak, there’s a very high mountain. A wreckage of what seems to be a submarine sits at the very top. The sign is closer to the tail end of the sub. Since you’re there, might as well pick up the chest if it spawns there.

The fourth location is the mountain northeast of Snobby Shores, north of the Viking village. On the top of the mountain is a group of three rock formations, and the sign is next to one of them.

The fifth and final location is the mountain immediately to the east of the previously-described location. It’s the mountain that has a circle of trees at the very top, as well as three ramps for performing tricks.

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