Fortnite Visit Oversized Phone, Big Piano, & Giant Dancing Fish Trophy

Visit Oversized Phone, Big Piano, & Giant Dancing Fish Trophy in Fortnite BR is one of the weekly challenges in Season 9 Week 2. This Fortnite weekly challenge requires you to visit three different locations, and some of them are really tricky to notice. Well, all three are kinda difficult to spot, to be honest, maybe even if you’re familiar with them from before. So, our Fortnite Visit Oversized Phone, Big Piano, & Giant Dancing Fish Trophy guide will show you exactly where to find these three locations for the Season 9 Week 2 weekly challenge.

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Fortnite Visit Oversized Phone, Big Piano, & Giant Dancing Fish Trophy

Where to Find Oversized Phone, Giant Dancing Fish Trophy, Big Piano Locations in Fortnite BR?

To find the Oversized Phone, Big Piano, and Giant Dancing Fish Trophy, you’ll have to visit three very different locations. First off, the phone. You might recall this one, as it was a part of a previous weekly challenge. Basically, there’s a mountain in the snow region, in the upper left corner of quadrant F9. On top of said mountain, there’s a little cluster of pine trees, and among them, an oversized phone.

Next up, the big piano. Again, some of you might already know where this one is. It’s in the east of quadrant J5, in the southeast of Lonely Lodge, north of where the villain’s lair / mansion used to be in previous seasons. If you’re not sure exactly where to look, check out the screenshots below. Once you come close, it’s relatively easy to see the piano keyboard. From a distance, though, the surrounding trees make it a little difficult to spot.

Lastly, the Giant Dancing Fish Trophy. This one is arguably the trickiest to find. It’s in the bottom right corner of quadrant G6. Southwest of Mega Mall, there are two lonely houses. The fish is embedded in the roof of one of them; the one closest to the Slip Stream. From the air, it’s relatively easy to spot, once you get close enough. Again, take a gander at the screenshots below for the exact location.

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