Where is Daily Rubble Fortnite

If you want to know where is The Daily Rubble in Fortnite, we’re here to help. This is a brand new named location that you have to find in order to complete the Recover a Data Drive from Daily Rubble Resistance Challenge. Well, if you’re not paying attention to the edges of the map, you can easily miss where this place is. So, let’s show you where it is.

where is daily rubble fortnite
Where is Daily Rubble Fortnite

Where is The Daily Rubble in Fortnite

The Fortnite Daily Rubble is a new named location that you can find in the east of the map, at the very edge, and that’s where you can find the Data Drive required for one of the Resistance Challenges. You’ll notice that the blimp that used to be over The Daily Bugle is gone. Well, if you scroll the map to the east, into the ocean, and zoom in, you’ll see what’s clearly the remains of a crashed zeppelin. That is, in fact, the Daily Rubble. You can drop there straight from the bus, but be advised that there are no weapons or gear to be found on location. The better strategy might be to go somewhere else, gear up, and then swim over to the crash site. As long as the storm permits it, of course.

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fortnite daily rubble location where to find
Daily Rubble location (click to zoom in)

So, that’s the location where you can find the Daily Rubble in Fortnite and the Data Drive for the Resistance Challenge. As for the item you’re looking for, it’s pretty easy to find. Just climb onto the tail of the fallen blimp, which is in the south, and there you’ll find the Data Drive. You absolutely can’t miss it. The thing looks like a fairly chunky hard drive, and plus, it’s glowing. As soon as you pick it up, you’ll complete the challenge and get 24,000 XP for your troubles. Not a bad haul for a pretty basic fetch quest, I think it’s fair to say.

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