Gears of War 4 Controls & Movement Techniques

Gears of War 4 control scheme will be pretty familiar to anyone who has played third-person shooters. However, you’ll encounter several unique elements.
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In some situations, especially in multiplayer, if you are not familiar with them you’ll be easily defeated. If you want to improve your gameplay and take effectiveness to the next level, you should take maximum advantage of your basic and advanced controls. In this guide, we’ll show you all controls used for moving, performing attacks, special moves and covers.

gears of war 4 controls

Gears of War 4 Basic and Advanced Controls

In the table below you’ll find all controls available in Gears of War 4, that will help your character to move, attack, take cover, revive and perform some special actions.

L (Left Thumbstick)Strafe / Move, [Click to Cover Crouch] [Aim and click to mark target]
R (Right Thumbstick)Rotate / Look (Click to Zoom)
ATake Cover / Evade
Hold AMantle Roadie run
Tap & Hold A + move L left / right90-Degree Turn
Tap & Hold A + point L down180-Degree Turn
Hold A + Press L upCover Slip
XUse / Revive / Meatshield / Grab /
Hold XPickup
BMelee / Grenade Tag / Vault / Count
Hold BChainsaw / Bayonet
YPoint of Interest / Curb Stomp
Hold YExecute
RTShoot / Throw Grenade
LBTAC / COM / Objectives
RBReload / Active Reload
D-PadSwitch Weapons
Hold Back ButtonView Scoreboard
Press Start ButtonPause
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  1. D
    Darren Mc Master-Smith

    You put every control up except the one I am lost on,how to call an airstrike?

    I’ve been shooting at a monsters tentacles forever but I have to call an airstrike to shoot the tentacle off but there is no guide or controls for this anyway including this guide.

    How do you call an airstrike on an xbox 360 gamepad?

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