Aeonblight Drake Entrance Location Genshin Impact

Not sure where to find the Aeonblight Drake in Genshin Impact? We’ve got you covered! The Genshin Impact 3.1 update is now live and it comes with a host of new content to dive into. Among many other new features, the game added several new bosses, including the Aeonblight Drake normal boss. In this guide, we explain where to find the Aeonblight Drake entrance location and how to get to this boss.

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Aeonblight Drake Entrance Location Genshin Impact

How to Get to Aeonblight Drake in Genshin Impact

The Aeonblight Drake is a dragon-shaped combat machine which can be found in Ardravi Valley, Sumeru. This mysterious “tireless mechanical monstrosity”, as the game describes it, is one of the new enemies added with the Genshin Impact 3.1 update. It’s particularly important as it drops Perpetual Caliber, an elemental stone used for ascending Nilou, one of the new characters.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Aeonblight Drake is located in Ardravi Valley, the Sumeru region. The machine is west of Devantaka mountain. In order to reach it, teleport to the Devantaka mountain waypoint, and you will spot stairs leading to an arched entrance. Go through it, and turn immediately right. When a hole appears, don’t jump down. Rather, jump over it and climb another set of stairs. Now, simply follow the path that leads up. There’s no turning left or right from there. Instead, just follow that path until you reach a large open area.

And that’s our location! Once you reach it, you’ll spot the Aeonblight Drake awaiting you there. Now all that has left for you is to challenge the new Genshin boss and defeat him. Beating him will reward you with a host of rewards. With that said, our “Aeonblight Drake Entrance” guide is complete.

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