The Afterparty Chest Locations Genshin Impact

The Afterparty chest locations in Genshin Impact, or Fecund Hamper locations, are sometimes difficult to find. Sure, the game gives you clues for each one of them, but those vary in clarity. Some solutions are obvious, while others are much less so. On top of that, several of these chests, which look like flower-covered barrels, are hidden behind crates and the such. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find all the Fecund Hampers in the Afterparty part of the Genshin Impact Fecund Blessings event.

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the afterparty chest locations genshin impact
The Afterparty Chest Locations Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact The Afterparty Fecund Hampers Locations

The first of the Fecund Hampers or chest locations in the Afterparty part of the Genshin Impact Fecund Blessings event is to the south of the door of “the greatest hunter in Springvale,” hidden on a cliff. We’ll show you exactly where that is in the screenshot below. Basically it’s on the cliff overlooking Springvale, very close to the windmill.

The second Afterparty Fecund Hamper is outside Springdale. Go down the road leading south from the entrance to Mondstadt, and then, at the fork, take the right-hand path leading west. Keep your eye on the left, and you’ll find the chest beside the large wooden staircase. That is, of course, the starting point that the clue refers to.

The clue for Fecund Hamper #3 mentions “the cliff face at the waterfall on the outskirts of Springvale.” There’s a lake south of Springvale, and the waterfall filling it is on the southern side of said lake. The chest itself will be on one of the cliffs about midway up the waterfall.

The fourth clue for the Genshin Impact Afterparty Fecund chests or Hampers talks about the gift being “beside that one spot in Springvale from which the aroma of meat ever drifts.” The Springvale “restaurant” is the house in the northeast corner of the village. As for the Hamper itself, it’s kinda hidden among the barrels and crates near the restaurant.

Clue #5 simply says: “I left a present at The Symbol of Mondstadt’s Hero.” What the heck does that mean? Well, that’s actually all the way to the east, in Windrise. Travel to the fast travel point in the south of Windrise, and go south. The Fecund Hamper will be among the roots of the large tree.

The sixth Fecund Hamper clue is also very short: “The present is near Windrise, inside a red adventurer’s tent.” Said red tent is to the southwest of the previous chest. Take a look at the screenshots below to see exactly where it is, since it’s a little difficult to describe.

The seventh clue for the Fecund Hampers or chests in the Afterparty step of the Fecund Blessings event in Genshin Impact tells us to go “near the main entrance to the Dawn Winery.” The winery is in the south of Windwail Highland. The chest is indeed near the main entrance, hiding behind an empty cart.

Last, but not least, Hamper #8 is “at the house due south of the Dawn Winery.” There is only one little house south of the winery. Next to the house, there are two small areas covered by vines. The chest is under one of them.

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