Continue the Pursuit Genshin Impact

Now that Genshin Impact 2.5 has been released, a wave of new content has come with it. This includes new characters you can play with and quests that you can undertake. One of these new quests is the “Farewell to The Past”. A portion of this quest that requires that you continue the pursuit has many players stumped over what they need to do next here in order to progress the quest further. That is exactly why our Continue the Pursuit Genshin Impact guide is here – to show you where you need to go to complete it.

Continue the Pursuit Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Continue the Pursuit

At a certain point in this quest, you will find yourself on the north end of Narukami Island. Specifically, northwest from Grand Narukami Shrine, and below Araumi. Like the quest objective states, you need to continue the pursuit here, but it isn’t all that clear where you should go. What you are looking for as clues go is blue paint. When you see it on walls or on the ground, this is an indicator that you are moving in the right direction.

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So, go south and to the right from the electro beacons here. You will see that there is a spot on the ground with blue paint on it. Go behind this spot and you will encounter another blue painted spot on a cliff wall. It is overlooking a waterfall. Glide down. You will find yourselves on a beach here. Keep moving south on this beach and you will see yet more blue paint on the ground. The exact spot you are looking for is just a short distance in front of here. You will see a cavern that you can enter. Once you are inside, a cutscene will begin to play and this portion of the quest is now complete.

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