Genshin Impact Dainsleif Questions

Dainsleif’s questions in Genshin Impact are a part of the newly-added quest chain. During this portion, you have to select your answers for the three questions that Dainslief asks you. While there are no wrong answers technically, your choices might have consequences later on in the story. Many will be wondering what to choose in the Genshin Impact Dainsleif questions part. We’re gonna attempt to clear things up a bit in this guide.

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genshin impact dainsleif questions
Genshin Impact Dainsleif Questions

How to Answer Dainsleif Questions in Genshin Impact?

How you answer Dainsleif’s questions in Genshin Impact ultimately depends on how you perceive the in-game world and the events that you lived through. He tells you as much during the preceding dialogue; nothing about right and wrong, just differences in attitude. The only major difference at this stage is whether he says that you’re really similar or different from “him.” We’re gonna reveal who we believe “he” is at the end of the article, as that would be going into spoilers. For now, let’s get into the Q&A.

After you pay him 500 Mora, the first Dainsleif question in Genshin Impact he’ll ask is who, in your view, was the key in solving the Mondstadt crisis – you, Venti, or the unity of the people. If you want to be similar to “him,” you should pick “the Unity of Mondstadt’s people gave us the victory.”

The second question is who will defend Liyue Harbor, now that they’ve lost their deity. You can pick between the adepti, the Liyue Qixing, or everyone in Liyue Harbor. Again, if you want to be similar, go for the third, “everyone” option.

The third and final Genshin Impact Dainslief question is about who you think has more importance in the eyes of the gods – people with Visions, people without them, or perhaps none of them do. If your aim to be similar, select the third option – none of them. This will conclude the Q&A portion of the quest.

Now, what I must note is that how you answer Dainsleif’s questions in Genshin Impact is an opportunity to roleplay your character. At the end of the day, your answers should be your own, regardless of whether you end up being similar to “him.” Now for the SPOILERS section – we believe that the mysterious him will be your sibling that you’re searching for. We’re not 100% on that just yet, though. WE also don’t know if it carries any consequences later on in the story; let us know in the comments if it does.

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