Electric Lamps - Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets Preliminary Investigation Day 1

In the newest Genshin Impact event, called Spectral Secrets, players will need to light three electric lamps to solve the Preliminary Investigation Day 1. This event revolves around investigating why elemental lifeforms called Specters have started appearing around Inazuma in large numbers. To begin this, you will need to fulfil the following criteria: be at least Adventure Rank 30, complete the “Ritou Escape Plan” Archon Quest, and the “Floating Spirits – The Investigation Begins” quest. If you meet all these prerequisites, our Electric Lamps – Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets Preliminary Investigation Day 1 guide will show you how to complete this.

Electric Lamps - Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets Preliminary Investigation Day 1

Charge 3 Electric Lamps Using Electrograna – Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets

To begin this, go and speak with Katheryne. She is in Inazuma City. When you talk with her, she will give you the task to conduct a preliminary investigation into the nature of the Specters. This will lead you to Araumi, Inazuma. This is located on the very north of Narukami Island. When you get here, the game will inform you that you have entered into this Preliminary Investigation area. Here, you will need to charge three electric lamps using Electrogana. So, approach and interact with the Electrogana. Next, you will need to locate all three electric lamps and charge each one. They are all close to the Electrogana. The first electric lamp is on top of the stone column. Climb it and get close to it in order to charge it.

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The second electric lamp is behind a bush, directly in front of the Electrogana. The third and final electric lamp is to the side of the Electrogana. Once you’ve charged up all three, eight Specters will appear. You have to defeat all of them. Once you’ve done so, all that’s left is to go back to Katheryne in Inazuma City to let her know you’ve taken care of this. If you are still having problems completing this, our video below will walk you through this and show where all the electric lamps are.

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