Genshin Impact Find Prince - Master's Day Off Quest

Master’s Day Off is a side quest in Genshin Impact. One of the steps in said quest involves helping Margaret, the owner of Cat’s Tail, to find Prince. Prince is not of a person of royal descent or anything – it’s a black cat. The first part of the issue is finding it, the second is catching it. Whenever it notices your presence, it’ll start running away before vanishing into thin air. If you’re having trouble finding and capturing the little rascal, our Genshin Impact Find Prince guide will help you.

genshin impact find prince master's day off quest
Genshin Impact Find Prince – Master’s Day Off Quest

Where to find Prince?

After you’re done talking to Margaret, use your elemental sight (press the scroll wheel on PC) and you’ll see a trail leading away from her. Follow it and you’ll soon find the cat in one of the alleys of Mondstadt. If you don’t manage to catch it at first, and it disappears, simply use elemental sight again to track it down.

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How to catch cat?

The biggest problem with catching Prince is that it will run away as soon as it figures out you’re after it. Margaret will give you a piece of fish to try to lure him, but we haven’t figured out how that works.

What we do know works for sure is waiting for it to turn its back towards you, slowly sneaking up until you’re in dash range, then dashing forward and grabbing the cat. You can use walking instead of running if you want to make less noise. Another option is to climb a roof, then jump off, perform a slam attack and grab the cat as you land.

Last but not least, we’ve heard that if you fail catching it enough times, it’ll go back to Margaret on its own, and you’ll be able to complete the quest anyway.

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    FYI… during this stage of the quest, your ‘basic attack’ gets replaced with a ‘crouch toggle’ and your ‘elemental skill’ is replaced with a ‘fish throw’. o7

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