Hidden Achievements Genshin Impact 2.3

There have been a number of exciting hidden achievements added to Genshin Impact 2.3. These tie into the hangouts Beidou and Gorou. To get them, many involve unlocking certain endings, or even all of them. While it may take time, they are well worth it. Read on as we discuss the new hidden achievements in Genshin Impact.

Hidden Achievements Genshin Impact 2.3
Hidden Achievements Genshin Impact 2.3

Secret Achievements Genshin Impact 2.3

Many of the new achievements in the update aligns with the hangouts. There are currently two hangouts in the 2.3 update. These are Beidou and Gorou.

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  • Beidou Hangout Achievements
    • Honorary Crux Member – For this, you must complete and unlock all endings.
    • Wine Unburdens – For this achievement, you must be in the Qingbe banquet with Beidou.
    • Guyun Buyers Club – For this you must complete a very specific ending. This is the one where you find out the truth about Beidou’s deal.
  • Gorou Hangout Hidden Achievements
    • General of Watatsumi – Unlock all the endings.
    • Changing Times – For this hidden achievement in Genshin Impact, you must draw all fortune slips at the Grand Narukami Shrine. This involves choosing “Why don’t you overcome this weakness?” along with “We can start some theoretical study…” Then select all the different fortunes.
    • To Tell or Not To Tell, That is The Question – You must discover Ms. Hina’s identity in a very specific route. Choose “It’s okay, let’s ignore her.” Follow this with “Actually, Yae Miko’s not all that bad…”. Follow this with “I’ll go keep watch at Yae Publishing House.”

Genshin Impact loves to add many hidden achievements with all its updates and 2.3 will be no exception. As well as ones linked to hangouts, there are often many linked to various side quests and other missions to undertake. These, along with any hangout achievements, will be updated as we get them.  Check back to see when they arrive and how to unlock them.

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