How to Play Co Op - Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact allows you to play co-op with friends or strangers. You can explore the world together, complete missions (although only some) and generally have fun. However, it’s not unlocked from the start – you’ll have to work your way to it. If you’re wondering how to play co-op in Genshin Impact, this guide will show you exactly when it becomes available and how to engage in it.

how to play co op genshin impact
How to Play Co Op – Genshin Impact

When does co-op unlock in Genshin Impact?

Co op will become available once you reach Adventure Rank 16 – that’s not your character’s level, but the one tied to the account. You’ll need to play for a couple of hours before you get to that point.

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Our advice would be to push main missions during that time, since you can’t play those in co-op. Once you’ve hit Adventure Rank 16, you’ll have a whole lot of side quests you can undertake with friends.

How to add friends in Genshin Impact?

When you pause the game, you can go to the friends section in order to connect with people. You’ll need to know their UID, which is the number shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you’ve managed to connect with someone, you can invite them over to your world. You can have a maximum of three guests, and they won’t be able to open chests and make offerings to Statues of the Seven. Apart from that, and playing main quests, you’re free to do whatever you like. And we all know everything is better with friends.

Genshin Impact cross play

The good news is that Genshin Impact supports cross play, so you’ll be able to play with your friends no matter which platform they’re using. Simply use the UIDs to shake hands, so to speak, and you’ll be able to connect.

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