How to Use Spirit Carp Genshin Impact

As every long-time Genshin Impact player knows, there are many, many resources you can gather in the game. Some of these are used for things such as cooking, while others can be used to improve your characters. Sometimes these can be really easy to find, while other times – they are far rarer and hard to obtain. For example, the Spirit Carp – a new resource that has recently been added to the game. You need this in order to make an offering at the Rainjade Oblation, which can earn you blessings and rewards. But this opens up the question of where to find these Spirit Carps, and how to use Spirit Carp in Genshin Impact. We are going to answer both of these questions right here in this guide.

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How to Use Spirit Carp Genshin Impact
How to Use Spirit Carp Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Spirit Carp Locations

In total, there are 50 Spirit Carp Locations across the Chenyu Vale region. You can see these spots in our screenshot gallery below. Its description states what it is: “A Spirit Carp formed from the condensed adeptal energy, swimming freely amidst mountains and river valleys.” When you get close enough to a Spirit Carp, an icon of it is going to appear on your mini-map, alongside a sound effect – similar to other elemental oculi.

Spirit Carp Locations Genshin Impact
Spirit Carp Locations Genshin Impact.

Where to Use Spirit Carp in Genshin Impact

But what to do with the Spirit Carp in Genshin Impact? Well, once you complete The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose World Quest, you will have unlocked the Rainjade Oblation. It is located at the Carp’s Rest in Mt. Laixin. This is an offering system and, in exchange for Spirit Carp, it will reward you with things such as Acquaint Fate, Philosophies of Diligence, and so on. Once you have presented 40 Spirit Carp to the Rainjade Oblation, you’ll receive the Votive Rainjade revelation, which will reveal the final 10 Spirit Carp on the map in Genshin.

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