Genshin Impact Koseki Village Puzzles

The Koseki Village puzzles are some of the new puzzles which have been added to Genshin Impact in its recent 2.1 update. And, as every Genshin Impact player knows, puzzles are very rewarding, though they can also be very difficult to solve. In particular, there are two puzzles near Koseki Village which are giving players a lot of bother. If you are having problems with either – or both – of these puzzles, then this Genshin Impact Koseki Village Puzzles guide will be right up your alley. In it, we will show you the easiest and most reliable ways to solve these.

Genshin Impact Koseki Village Puzzles

Genshin Impact Koseki Village Puzzle – Relay Stones

The first of these puzzles can be found inside the Seiraimaru. This wrecked ship is directly west from Koseki Village. This puzzle is actually below deck. To get to it, you will first need to solve several other puzzles, and get the Rust-Worn Key. Once you have descended all the way to the bottom deck, you will see the relay stones that you will have to manipulate in order to solve this puzzle. Since it’s easier to simply show you how this is done, take a look at our video below. In it, we go through this relay stones puzzle, step-by-step.

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Genshin Impact Koseki Village Puzzle - Relay Stones
The solution to the Relay Stones puzzle.

Genshin Impact Koseki Village Floor Puzzle Pressure Plates

The second puzzle involves floor pressure plates and it can be found on the shore southeast of Koseki. We’ve marked the exact pattern you need to move here in the screenshot below. The first pressure plate you need to step on is numbered #1, the second #2, and so on. Once you have stepped on all the pressure plates in the right order, the Exquisite Chest in the middle will open, and you will be able to loot it at your leisure. If you have any other Genshin Impact-related quests or other puzzles you are having problems with, we invite you to check out our Genshin Impact archives.

Genshin Impact Koseki Village Floor Puzzle Pressure Plates
The order solution to the floor pressure plate puzzle.
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