Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Fire Totem Puzzle Solution

Minacious Isle is part of a new area in Genshin Impact and off its shores there is a chest that requires you to find a solution for its Fire and Ice Totem puzzle. You will notice this chest sitting on a rock close to the island. But before you can open it, you will need to solve a two-part puzzle. As you approach this chest, you will be able to see two shapes beneath the water, one on each side of the chest. To save you the trouble of trying to find a solution, we’ve put together this Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Fire Totem Puzzle Solution guide. Read on to learn how you can quickly solve this puzzle.

Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Fire Totem Puzzle Solution

Update Act II – With the latest Act 2 new puzzles are available on Minacious Isle. You can take a look at Hymnal Rotating Ring Chest Puzzles, also there is a well hidden Last Torch Near Minacious Isle Whirlpool Luxurious Chest, and another puzzle where you have to Light Up Elemental Monuments In The Correct Manner Minacious Isle Seelie Puzzle.

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How to Solve The Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Fire Totem Puzzle

You will be able to take on this puzzle after you have lit all three devices in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Approach this chest and get out of your Waverider. Get on the rock where the chest is and take a look around. You will see that there are two totems underneath the water. One of these has a Fire symbol on it and the other has an Ice symbol.

To open this exquisite chest, you need to activate both totems. Naturally, the Fire Totem can be activated using fire attacks, and the Ice Totem with ice attacks. Select a character which has Cryo attacks. Kaeya or Eula are good picks, since they both have ground AoE Cryo attacks. A glowing ice symbol will appear above the Ice Totem when you have activated it. The same principle applies for the Fire Totem. So, select a Pyro character. Amber has a ranged fire attack, but you need to carefully aim her bow to activate the totem. Otherwise, her arrows will end up in the water and won’t reach the totem. If you are using her, your best bet is to jump on top of the chest and you will have the height advantage needed to shoot the totem and activate it. Congratulations, you’ve now activated both totems and unlocked the Minacious Isle chest. Approach it to open it and claim your prize. We hope that our Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Fire Totem Puzzle Solution guide has helped you with this puzzle. Enjoy your loot!

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