Genshin Impact Missing Miner Qi Ding Location

The search for the Genshin Impact Missing Miner Qi Ding location is a part of the quest called The Chasm’s Bounty. The first step of the mission is to figure out where to find missing miner Qi Ding, which a lot of people seem to be having trouble with. So, that’s the first thing we’re going to explain. Afterwards, we’ll walk you through the rest of the quest. Let’s begin.

genshin impact missing miner qi ding location
Genshin Impact Missing Miner Qi Ding Location

Search for Qi Ding, The Missing Miner in Genshin Impact

You need to start the search for the Genshin Impact location Qi Ding, the missing miner in The Chasm’s Bounty quest, at the Stony Halls teleport waypoint. From there, just head down and to the southwest. Follow the brown path towards the red-glowing statue. Qi Ding will be immediately north of said statue. Have a chat with him and both of you will teleport to a camp. The miner is then going to ask you to find his daughter’s doll in the mine, which is when things start to get weird and creepy.

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So, now we know where to find missing miner Qi Ding, now for the doll. Go back to the Stony Halls teleport waypoint then head north to the quest marker. Clear out the black muck and the enemies, then interact with the box. Next, talk to the girl that appears out of nowhere. This is where the Genshin Impact Qi Ding Missing Miner The Chasm’s Bounty quest gets unnerving. Travel to the Nameless Ruins waypoint, drop down the hole to the north, and then go north to find the girl again.

Clear out the enemies and talk to the girl, then follow the quest marker to the glowing spot on the ground. Investigate it for some more unsettling implications. The last step is to travel to the waypoint in the east of The Chasm, north of Glaze Peak. Go and talk to Qi Ding and try not to pay too much attention to who is behind him. Wrap the quest up by reporting back to Muning, who gave you the quest in the first place.

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