Genshin Impact Shirikoro Peak Rotating Cubes Puzzle Solution

The Shirikoro Peak rotating cubes puzzle solution in Genshin Impact is pretty straightforward – you just have to turn the blocks so that they’re all facing the same way. By that, I mean the pink sigils all need to be turned in the same direction. You do that by shooting them. Of course, it can be a bit tricky, because some of the blocks turn together, depending on which one you shoot. So, here’s our guide to show you how to solve the Shirikoro Peak rotation cube puzzles.

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genshin impact shirikoro peak rotating cubes puzzle solution
Genshin Impact Shirikoro Peak Rotating Cubes Puzzle Solution

How to Solve Shirikoro Peak Rotation Cubes Puzzle Genshin Impact

To solve the Genshin Impact Shirikoro Peak rotating cube puzzles, you need to shoot them in such a way that they all face the same direction. Specifically, you need to turn them to face away from the edge of the cliff. Now, there are two puzzles up there; one with five cubes with two columns of two cubes, and the other with four cubes, of which three are in one column. We’re gonna start with the latter. Before that, though, here’s a map of where you can find the puzzles.

how to solve shirikoro peak rotation cubes puzzle genshin impact
Shirikoro Peak puzzles location

As you approach the puzzle, you can see that two cubes are already facing the correct way; you just have to turn the middle and top ones in the column. They are not connected, so you just have to shoot both of them one by one until they are all facing the same way. Open the Common Chest loot it, then proceed to solve the Genshin Impact Shirikoro Peak rotating cubes puzzle with five blocks.

This second puzzle is a bit more complicated. The bottom right and upper left cubes are facing the wrong way, but they turn together if you shoot the upper left one. So, first shoot the upper left block until it’s facing the correct way. Then, just shoot the bottom right block until you turn it to the correct position. Open another Common Chest, collect the loot, and be on your way.

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