Genshin Impact Slime Paradise

Slime Paradise is a new PS4 web event that launches today, and that you can play to earn potentially valuable rewards, such as Primogems, Mora, and more. It’s a fun little side activity that doesn’t influence the main story; it’s just a simplified version of theme park building games, basically. In our Genshin Impact Slime Paradise guide, we’ll show you how to participate in the event, how to play i and earn the rewards, and more.

genshin impact slime paradise
Genshin Impact Slime Paradise

Slime Paradise in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Slime Paradise is a PS4 web event that starts on March 25th at 13:00 (UTC+8), and will end on April 3rd. In order to participate, you have to be Adventure Rank 10 or above. You can access the event either by in-game mail (via the Paimon menu), or through the Slime Paradise page. During the happening, you need to purchase decorations and arrange them around the park, thereby attracting slimes to move in and monsters to come and visit. In order to do that, you have to get Paradise Coins by completing daily tasks on the web portal.

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The main thing in the Slime Paradise event, however, are the Paradise Tickets, which you use to buy things in the reward shop. You can earn these in three different ways; the first is by completing certain event tasks, the second is through decorations (they start generating Tickets the next day after being placed), and the third is from monsters visiting your park. Why go through all of the trouble? Well, because you can exchange Paradise Tickets for Primogems, Mora, and other rewards. Mind you, the shop will only be open while the event lasts.

A few more things to note about the Slime Paradise event in Genshin Impact. First off, only specific decorations will attract slimes; make sure to read the descriptions. Once a slime moves in, they’re there for the duration of the event, so don’t worry about that. Second, don’t forget to log into the event every day; the tasks and other stuff refreshes at midnight server time. Lastly, the events of Slime Paradise occur completely outside of the main game’s story.

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