Slumbering Court Genshin Impact New Domain

Genshin Impact has been updated to 2.3, and, as is always the case with every GI update, a heap of new content and gameplay systems have been added to the game. Of course, new domains have always been an integral part of the Genshin Impact experience, and this time, we will be able to visit the Slumbering Court. Our Slumbering Court Genshin Impact New Domain guide will show you the exact location of this new Domain, as well as what you need to do to unlock it.

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Slumbering Court Genshin Impact New Domain

Slumbering Court Location Genshin Impact

The Slumbering Court can be found on Seirai Island. It is on the northernmost island there. Use the nearest Waypoint to teleport there. Once on that part of the island, go directly towards the location of the Slumbering Court. There are bushes in your way and it might seem like you can’t go through them, but that isn’t the case, so just keep moving forward until you reach the entrance to this new Domain.

Slumbering Court Location Genshin Impact
Slumbering Court Location.

How to Unlock Slumbering Court Genshin Impact

When you are ready to face the challenges within, enter the Slumbering Court. Inside, the Ley Line Disorder is in effect. This means that all Electro characters receive a +40% damage boost, making them quite useful here. When you start the challenge inside, you will have 6 minutes to defeat all the opponents there. After you have done that, go towards the Petrified Tree. To revitalize it, you will need 20 Original Resin. You can also spend Original Resin to receive an additional reward. There are many prizes you can claim here. These include the Husk of Opulent Dreams, Ocean-Hued Clam, Defender’s Will, and Brave Heart. These are individual Artifact sets, and they will provide better bonuses the more items you have which belong to the same set. For example, the Defender’s Will set includes Guardian’s Flower, Guardian’s Sigil, Guardian’s Clock, Guardian’s Vessel, and Guardian’s Band.

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