Spectral Secrets Day 5 - Genshin Impact Tatarasuna Preliminary Investigation

The Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets Day 5 Tatarasuna preliminary investigation mission requires you to charge three electric lamps using electrograna and defeat eight Specters. Really, the most complicated part here is figuring out where to find the locations of the electric lamps, because two of them are actually really well-hidden. Well, that’s why we’re here to help you out. Let’s go!

spectral secrets day 5 genshin impact tatarasuna preliminary investigation
Spectral Secrets Day 5 – Genshin Impact Tatarasuna Preliminary Investigation

Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets Tatarasuna – Preliminary Investigation Day 5

To complete the Tatarasuna preliminary investigation in Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets Day 5, the first step is to go and talk to Inazuma City and talk to Katheryne, the receptionist at the local Adventurer’s Guild. Select “Dispatch Character on Expedition” to bring up the map menu. Select the Spectral Secrets tab in the top, and claim the rewards from any already-completed expeditions you might have. Then, select the newest one, aka the one that requires the preliminary research. Head to the search area in the south of Tatarasuna to begin the mission.

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Your mission now is to charge the three electric lamps using electrograna, for which you’ll need to know the electric lamp locations. The first one is pretty obvious; it’s out in the open and next to the electrogranum tree. The other two are more hidden. One is in the bushes next to the ruins above the electrogranum tree, and the third one is behind the ruins below the tree. So, to complete the Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets Day 5 Tatarasuna preliminary investigation is to activate all three of them. If the screenshots below aren’t enough to help, check out our video at the bottom.

A bunch of cute specters are going to spawn, and you’ll have to defeat all eight of them. It’s not exactly the hardest battle in the world; you’ll probably do away with them in a matter of seconds. That concludes the preliminary investigation. Go back to Katheryne and opt to dispatch your character on an expedition. Now you can select the one that was previously unavailable. Just pick whichever character you want to send, and be on your way.

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