Steelseries Genshin Impact Giveaway Primogems Redeem Code

There’s a promotion on the Steelseries website that allows you to apply for a code for Genshin Impact. It’s a code that, once redeemed, will give you 50 primogems. Not a princely sum, but definitely one that warrants going to a website and clicking a few buttons. As expected, things aren’t working as intended for everyone, and a number of people have been having issues. Our Genshin Impact Steelseries giveaway primogems redeem code guide will show you how to get the code, and how to redeem it.

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steelseries genshin impact giveaway primogems redeem code
Steelseries Genshin Impact Giveaway Primogems Redeem Code

How to get Steelseries promo code for Genshin Impact

To get the code, you need to go to the Steelseries giveaway site. Keep in mind that if you’ve already taken part in the AlienwareArena or SEAGM giveaways, you won’t be eligible for this one.

Once you’re there, register or log in, then click the “Get Key” button. You’ll get your code, which you can then redeem either through the Miyoho website, or through the game. If you want to go through the site, log in and find the “redeem code” button on the right. If you go through the game, you should open up the settings using the cog icon in the lower left, go to “account”, then “redeem code”.

Some people are having trouble getting the codes in the first place. If you get a message saying a key could not be assigned to you, it might mean that they’ve ran out of keys while you were in the queue. It might also mean you’re in a country that isn’t eligible for a key, or that one has already been assigned to you.

If this happens, you should first try reloading the page. If several reloads don’t help, you could try making a new account using a VPN set to USA.

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